Adoption Process

Our Adoption Process

Many of our rescue dogs have experienced neglect, abuse, suffering, and abandonment. These dogs cannot speak for themselves or choose their future families, so we at Pawsitive Match have a huge responsibility in making that decision for them. Our dogs come from unknown backgrounds and we make no guarantees as to their temperaments, level of training, or health. We ask our adopters to take into consideration that pets require a lifelong commitment. When planning for a new pet, future life changes such as marriage, divorce, relocation, additions to the family, career changes and allergies, must be taken into consideration. We strive to place our dogs and cats into permanent, loving homes. Our application screening process is thorough, although we pride ourselves on processing applications quickly and efficiently.

  1. The process begins with the applicant filling out our adoption application. Our adoption processors will contact you within 48 hours and book a telephone interview. We have the right to decline any application that we feel is not a match for our dogs and cats.
  2. Once your application is approved, the adoption processor will facilitate a meet and greet between you and the foster family who has the dog or cat.
  3. Please note: some of our dogs require a mandatory home visit. Please be prepared for a Pawsitive Match volunteer to visit your home.
  4. After meeting, take some time to think about adopting. Discuss with your family openly and honestly and take into consideration how a dog or cat will fit into your life. If you are still interested in adopting and everyone (adoption team, foster) is in agreement, we will issue a contract. A dog or cat cannot be released without a signed contract and fee payment.
  5. Our adoption fees vary with each dog. Adoption fees are used towards spaying/neutering, vaccination and medical costs. Adoption fees also go towards saving more lives.
  6. After the adoption, vet records are provided to the adopters.

Adoption Fee Outline

Our adoption fees for dogs range from $350 - $500. Puppies (up to 1 year of age) will have a fee of $475.

Our adoption fees for cats are $150 and kittens are $200

The adoption fee includes:

  • Spay/neuter
  • Health exam
  • DAPP (dogs) and 3-way (cats) vaccine and boosters up to the date of adoption (some may be required after this date at the adopter's expense).
  • Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation will cover the Rabies vaccine for any dog over 12 weeks of age, and any cat over 16 weeks of age.
  • Deworming
  • Testing and treatment for parasites, tick borne diseases, as applicable.
  • Microchip
  • Transportation to Calgary
  • 6 weeks of free pet insurance

As an adopter, you are responsible for any vaccinations required after you adopt the dog. The dogs we are rescuing come from unknown backgrounds, therefore Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation cannot guarantee the health of any animal.

Medical records are provided after the adoption and no vetting should be done until you have reviewed these records with your vet.

Please Review our Adoption Policies

Pay Adoption Fees Online

We accept PayPal payments, credit cards and e-mail money transfers. Payment options will be provided at the time of adoption. Simply click on the pay now button below to pay your adoption fees online.

One Last Thing

We recommend that you enroll your newly adopted friend in appropriate training as early as possible. From the moment you bring a dog home, you can start to work on good manners. Most undesirable behaviors can be modified, so we recommend that you consult a professional trainer and take the time to work with the dog, don't wait until you are frustrated to the point of not wanting to keep your pet. We work with multiple training organizations and will gladly help to arrange a suitable course of action for you. As an adopter of a rescue dog you qualify for many great discounts with the trainers we work with. Please ask your adoptions processor for details.


If you are interested in adopting one of our rescued dogs or cats, please fill out the application below so we can best match you and your new companion to your home and lifestyle. If you are looking for a specific breed and you cannot find it here, let us know and we may be able to help you find what you are looking for.

Please note, in the event we get more than one application for a particular dog or cat, we try to provide the best match for the dog or cat and the adoptive family.

Note: All applicants that currently live in a rental home must have a letter of approval from the landlord prior to submitting an adoption application. We cannot process applications without approval.

Landlord Pet Approval Form

Click here to download the Landlord Pet Approval form. Once it's filled out email it to

Please note that completed landlord pet approval forms must be submitted to in order to start the application approval process. If we have not received your form, your application will be put on hold until it is received.