Foxy Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada


My name is FOXY and don’t you forget it! I was born in rural Saskatchewan, and when rescued I had a bit of a weight problem that turned out to be nine puppies. Got that business over with and spent a few months recovering in foster care with some other dog buddies and a foster mom who did a swell job of taking care of me and introducing me to new things. It wasn’t long before some nice people spotted me on the Pawsitive Match website. My foster mom made double sure the situation would be right for me, and before you know it, I was off to a nice house with a big backyard and some owners who really know how to love me up the way I need it, which is pretty much constantly! I kept my rescue name because as you can see from my ears, I am the very picture of a majestic fox. Honestly, what other name would possibly do?

In my new home I also gained a very BIG German Shepherd brother who understands that I need to be the boss of him, my bed is wherever I happen to be sleeping, and the lineup to the food dish starts right behind me. He is so big I just know he will provide me with shade when the sun gets hot this summer! We really are the best of pals and he loves to chase me when I’m in the mood for a good run.  There are also some other small strange dogs living here that smell funny, go to the bathroom in a box and have very sharp claws. Sometimes you have to take your dog pack as they come I guess! I used to be a little afraid of being home alone, but with my new pack I always have someone to talk to if the owners leave the house. It is also a good time to try and discover where those strange small dogs are hiding their food. I just know it’s here somewhere – I can smell it!

My days are very busy as my big brother and I go to off-leash dog-park every single day of the week and I am making lots of new friends there. The other strange small dogs never come with us. I think they play with my toys when we’re out but what can a girl do? This house is working out for me as my owners have none of those silly furniture or bed rules, and if big brother is on the bed I’M SO IN THERE! I think we may soon be getting a visitor from the royal family as I overheard my new owners say they are shopping for a king bed.

Thank you Pawsitive Match from me and all the other dogs you have rescued and worked so hard to match with perfect 'forever families.'

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - February

Ivy Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada


It’s been close to a year since I first saw the pictures of and learned about the poor treatment the dogs from Milk River endured. I was instantly filled with sadness as I gazed at their emaciated filthy bodies, eyes lowered, filled with despair and fear. My first thought was that I had to help them and commented on their pictures. I was in shock that someone could treat these dogs so horribly. It was the Christmas season and previously I had been scouring last minute ads dreaming of ending up on a beach somewhere. Then I saw the pictures of the six dogs our group Pawsitive Match had agreed to take on to find fosters for and that thought was soon forgotten. Ivy was the dog that was chosen for me to foster and off I went to pick her up. I had envisioned a dog filled with happiness covering my face with kisses, ecstatic that she was free from the horrors that she had once called home.

I’m not sure what I was expecting from her but it certainly wasn’t the intense fear that she was filled with, the avoidance of eye contact, cringing, tail wrapped under her body as she tried to hide herself from me. I had learned she was stuffed in a crate with chicken wire for her window, laying in her own waste, nose rubbed raw as she pressed it against the wire trying to escape , probably desperate to find some food. This was to be denied to her until the woman that had all these dogs decided to surrender some of the more than two hundred that she had.

And then I entered as a new person to be a part of her life. Thank goodness Angela was at our intake center and knew to make sure that I had everything that I would need to help in the transition while I waited for Ivy to overcome her fears.

We spent the Christmas break together and eventually I could see that she was getting to rely on me though she was still very fearful and I learned how to teach her a few basic things. She was still so afraid of anything and when I tried to introduce her to the other dogs she started to growl and lunge at them and I started to question whether I had done the right thing by bringing her home with me.

My determination into helping this beautiful girl kicked in, keeping the dogs separated from each other, bringing in baby gates and visits from Luisa Depta, Marianne Rogerson (Foot and Paw Pet Services) and Cat ( Impawsible Possible )to assess and give some tips to help overcome some of the challenges that Ivy’s fear was bringing. She was still too afraid to go for walks.

It took a few months before curiosity got the better of Ivy, Fergie, Nellie and Ki (Ki is another foster) and then introductions were once again tried very slowly and new friendships were formed. By this time Ivy had finally walked a block though it took a lot of cut up wieners to make this happen. With this new alliance we started walking all together and I wanted to jump with joy when she finally started to sniff scents like the others.

Every type of behaviour that is consistent with most dogs wasn’t with her as she was still so filled with fear. People that came over to the house would send her running for her kennel to hide and bark. In came Janina Zabel with TLC Equine and Canine Bodywork. She had graciously offered her services when she had first heard of the dogs from Milk River and though tempted I knew that I had to wait until I thought Ivy would be ready. Janina came over and spent hours just waiting for Ivy to be comfortable with her being in our home. Ivy eventually allowed Janina to start working on her and the look of bliss didn’t take long to appear. It took a couple of visits but Janina was the first person that Ivy would get excited about coming over and sit beside her on the sofa so Janina could perform her magic touch on her. They are now friends.

Months have passed and patience has been the key. Ivy has loved meeting all the foster dogs that have come through our doors and her fear of other dogs has melted away. She greets each one no matter how big or small with such joy and excitement and they come to love her very quickly. I started taking her for weekly visits to get her nails clipped and had heard that Missy from Marvelous Muttz has a way with fearful animals and she didn’t disappoint. I was soon bringing all my girls to get their nails done and she very kindly offered to give Ivy a haircut. As you can imagine Ivy wasn’t too happy to be left there but Missy spent all day taking her time to make it as stress free as possible for Ivy.

More months go by and while Ivy is happy at home she is still fearful and I am trying to think of ways to get her to feel more comfortable. Angela Bricker comes over and shows me a few different games to teach Ivy and Ivy starts to enjoy them. I decide that being in dog class might bring her more confidence and I am told Sit Happens is a great place to her. I can’t thank all the staff there enough. They exceeded my expectations. Ivy is always very excited to go out the door on Wednesday evenings as she knew that’s where we were going. Thanks to helpful tips from the trainers on how to teach Ivy she quickly mastered each lesson. In the last lesson each dog owner was asked what excited our dogs. Most were things like squeaky toys, yummy treats and I was told that for Ivy it was “me”. And I admit that she makes me feel great every day as well. I love seeing her big smiley face when it’s time for a walk, snuggling on the sofa and how happy she is when I get home from being away.

The decision was one that will probably be no surprise to those that know us. Ivy is home. The adoption papers are signed and Ivy is none the wiser. She has felt like she was at home all along, she knew what was meant to be. I was the slow one, trying to make sure that I was doing the right thing. She knew all along we were meant to live together and so we are. Out of a horrible situation that was Ivy’s first experience she now is loved. Meet my new fur daughter. Love you to the moon and back Ivy!

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - November

Lucky Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada


Just over two months ago, my husband and I opened our hearts and our home to a very special dog with four paws and two wheels.  Lucky’s story begins in the summer of 2014 in the Dominican Republic, where she was found in a ditch by the side of the road, crying out in pain. She was unable to move her back end, and might have been struck by a car.  Fortunately this lucky girl was taken in by some loving volunteers from Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic (DCDR), who nursed her through the first several months of her recovery.

Over time, Lucky gradually regained some movement in her rear legs and feet, which was wonderful but also presented a new problem. She was so determined to move around and play with the other dogs that she eventually developed large open sores on her legs from dragging herself around.  DCDR raised funds to provide Lucky with a wheelchair, but even so it was clear that she needed a safer, softer environment where she could continue to heal. In March 2015, Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation brought Lucky to Calgary to find her forever home. By the time she came to stay with my husband and I, she had experienced a number of loving fosters but desperately needed some consistency in her life. We were keen to help her, but totally inexperienced in caring for a dog with special needs.

The first day that we welcomed Lucky into our home was a beautiful introduction to the highs and lows of fostering. We laughed so hard that we cried when Lucky pulled my sock off my foot and took off down the hallway with it, moving with such speed that we couldn’t keep up with her.  Tears of frustration also flowed later on when we struggled to keep her diaper from slipping off yet again, worried that fastening it too tightly might chafe her skin.  We felt inadequate and overwhelmed.

Yet with each passing day we gained more confidence and experience in looking after Lucky’s needs. Meanwhile, she amazed us with her resiliency and sense of humour. Despite starting over again in a new home with new humans, she was affectionate, joyful, and eager to play.  We soon learned how much she loves watching sports on tv, snuggling under blankets, and playing catch.  We have decided that “Lucky” is actually the shorter version of her true name, which is “Happy-Go-Lucky.”


People sometimes comment on how much work it must be taking care of a dog like Lucky, which is when we graciously refocus  the conversation on all the  blessings and love she has brought into our lives—but yes, let’s acknowledge it for a moment.  Some days it’s a real challenge to carry a 40 lb dog up and down a flight of stairs several times a day to go outside. Lucky has no bowel or bladder control, and she needs her bladder manually expressed every 2-3 hours during the day. Even so, we wash several loads of cloth diapers daily and treat our carpets regularly due to her accidents. Poor Lucky knows that she’s not supposed to do her toileting inside, and it breaks our hearts when she hangs her head shamefully after an accident, in spite of our constant reassurance that she’s a good girl and it’s okay. Lucky will be on lifetime medications to help her manage recurring urinary tract infections.

We also invest regular time in helping Lucky to strengthen her back left leg in hopes that she will someday be able to use it to walk again.  This involves daily walks with her wheelchair and therapy band, massage, stretching, and energy healing.

Truthfully, we don’t see any of this as work — we see it as love. I spent 18 years of my adult life suffering from ulcerative colitis. There were times that I was so weak that I could hardly walk across a room. I was frequently dependant on others to look after me and help to provide my basic needs.   I also suffered the humiliation and anxiety of dealing with incontinence. For these reasons, my heart went out to Lucky the very first time I heard her story. My husband lived in a number of different foster homes as a young child before he was adopted by a loving family. It truly seems that Lucky was meant to find us, and we can’t imagine life without her now.

Some of Lucky’s favourite things are playing football with Daddy, cuddling on Mommy’s lap for a snooze, getting  scratched behind her ears, and playing with her squeaky hippopotamus toy. She even enjoys bath time!  Lucky goes crazy for beef jerky treats, and makes sure that every squirrel in the neighbourhood gets put in its place.

We do come across the occasional person  who finds Lucky’s name ironic, but the wisest souls among us truly understand. Recently while we were out walking, Lucky and I encountered a young boy on his way home from school who was very excited to meet a dog with a wheelchair. He asked about what happened to her, and listened with great interest to Lucky’s story.  When I told him her name, he smiled brightly and exclaimed, “She really IS lucky!” He understood  the journey that brought this special dog into our lives—and we couldn’t feel more fortunate ourselves to be Lucky’s forever family.

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - October

Hero Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada


What can we say about Violet? There aren’t enough words to describe her. Goofy, shy, intelligent, kind, sassy, happy, gorgeous, gregarious, and surprising. Often all of those words can be used to describe her actions within the same sentence as she is just the most amazing creature. I fell in love with Violet based off the pictures on the website, but it took a bit more convincing for both my husband and Pawsitive Match to determine if we might be the right family for this special pup. You see, Violet was one of what the media called the “Milk River Dogs” that were the unfortunate victims of a hoarding situation. When her foster Angela showed me pictures and videos of what Violet looked like it when she arrived at Pawsitive Match it was absolutely heartbreaking. While Angela and the rest of the Pawsitive Match team were incredibly honest about Violet’s “issues”, it didn’t deter me and my husband from wanting to at least give the sweet girl a chance. And every day since that first meeting I have been so incredibly thankful that Pawsitive Match gave us the opportunity to let this amazing dog into our lives.

Of course it wasn’t sunshine and roses from day one. There are definitely certain issues that we’re still working through, but she is so incredibly gentle and willing and you can see no matter what her reactions are that she wants to be a good dog and trust us and humans in general. We’ve now convinced her that a furnace turning on in the house is not some evil monster out to get her, and that she doesn’t need to run and hide any time someone comes to visit. We’ve actually had so much improvement that the dog that wouldn’t go up or down our stairs, or in or out of our doorways and would panic and throw up during every car ride now runs from the backyard, down the stairs, into the garage and leaps into the back of our SUV with the slightest hint that she’s invited on whatever adventure we might be going on. I didn’t expect her to be a willing partner of our trips to parks and out to visit where we keep our horses, but again she surprised us with her exuberance and excitement to be included, and we’re seeing less and less of the pup we called “Shrinking Violet” and more and more of the kind, goofy and incredibly smart and sweet dog that, thanks to Pawsitive Match, has been able to blossom. There is nothing more heartwarming than watching a shy dog go to an offleash park and play with her friends like a goofy teenager, and then with a simple calling of her name come galloping across the field to us with her tail up and absolute joy in her eyes.

I could go on and on about Violet and how much joy she has brought to our lives in such a short time, but this is just the first chapter of what is going to be the most amazing story of a very special dog. I’m just lucky to be along for the ride!

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - September

Hero Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada


Evan is a sweet little old gentleman, he likes to chill out in Gretchen's bed, which she doesn't mind. The boys (8 and almost 3) are getting along very well with him and vice versa, and they like to spend time in the park and going for walks. Evan is a very resilient and outgoing little guy. His favourite play time is early morning, right after getting up. He loves to fling his toys, and he pretends to chase his big sister, who happily chimes in.

Evan has adjusted incredibly well to our sometimes crazy household. In fact I think he likes being busy and spending time with all of us. He is a great addition to our family, and has found his way into the kid's hearts. As my little son likes to say: Evan is special, he has got some no eyes!

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - August

Hero Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada


Emma is a sweet, smart girl who does not behave as if she is 11 years old. She loves to play tug with a knotted rope. Emma also likes to nap, while the chesterfield is preferable the lovely dog bed from CostCo will do. Nice long walks and ambles fill the day and of course there is always the opportunity to pick up a stick or two. While not exactly embracing the cat there seems to be a truce. Emma has been instrumental in arranging room service for the cat, meals are served promptly and Emma does not seem to mind that the cat is fed before her morning walk. We look forward to continued education in the fall with Sit Happens/Goodbye Growl At this point we look quite elegant with our yellow knitted scarf.

Welcome HOME Emma

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - July

Hero Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada


I was lucky enough to have this guy choose me just over a month ago. I wasn’t actively looking for a dog necessarily, but on my Facebook newsfeed, came this picture of this handsome guy just sitting there. I can’t explain the reaction I had, but I HAD to know his story.

I fell in love instantly. Many emails, texts and days later, I was able to arrange to come to Calgary and meet him and his amazing foster, Brandi. We bonded instantly and off we were to his new home in Edmonton. He is so well adjusted and so easy to be around. He loves everyone, and brings smiles to all that he meets. It warms my heart to see how he brings people together.

I have him at daycare twice a week (where has done amazingly well, socializing and playing with no issues whatsoever), and watching him play ‘Marco Polo’ with the cats is hysterical. He walks so well on leash (most of the time), loves to cuddle (although how he can take up an entire bed is beyond me), and I never fail to look forward to coming home and seeing his adorable face. He is a fast learner, and I have almost mastered teaching him ‘high ten’ by tapping his head. He loves his trips to the pet store, walks around the neighborhood, and car rides, and I can’t wait to take him camping. He has brought so much to my life in this short time we have been together, and I can’t wait for our next adventure.

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - June

Lemmy Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

Lemmy came to us almost 3 months ago, and has definitely settled into his new home as well as taken to his new family. He was a troubled little doggy, scared of most everything new. We are taking every opportunity to socialize him, and making progress! He's got a few friends in the neighborhood, as well as many that he's still wary of. There's a little less barking each time, so that's something, right? He's at his best when people generally ignore him and let him take care of the introduction at his pace.

He is very eager to please, and ever so easy to teach new tricks. He is very motivated by treats, and will go through his entire repertoire of tricks, quite earnestly and entirely on his own, for his favorite... a teeny blueberry Greenie! Oh how he LOVES those. Sometimes, I think the only reason he eats his dinner is for the Greenie dessert.

He loves to run and climb the bleachers at the ball diamond. He always does the balance board routine on the players bench, and leaps off the end with such joy on his face. He just loves being active and bouncy! He knows fetch and drop very very well, but much prefers to play "come catch me if you can human because I'm a whole lot more agile than you and you'll never get this ball from me and when you drop from exhaustion I'll stand triumphantly on your chest!"

After these long days of running and playing and napping and snacking, he loves nothing more than to snuggle up in bed. On the cooler nights (not that there's many lately) he gets under the covers and keeps warm and cozy all night long.

He's certainly a Daddy's boy, but gives Mom plenty of love too. He never seems to run out of kisses, and has a strange foot fetish that we try not to talk about. He gets along very well with his feathered friends that live here , even passing an accidental face to face encounter with our youngest bird, offering nothing more than a curious stare down.

When we got him, we were expecting far more problems than what we've encountered. Instead, he's turned out to be a wonderful addition to our home. Sure, he comes with a lot of attitude for such a little guy. But we love him all the more for it.

Thanks again for bringing the 3 of us together,
Rod, Bren, and Lemmy

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - May

Gracie Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

We got Gracie three years ago, quite a few months after our cat had passed away. She had been with us for as long as we could remember, before the day I was born, and losing her was really hard. After a while, my mom suggested we bring in an addition to our family, a dog. Looking at different rescue foundations, we looked at our options. But when we saw Gracie, formerly known as Indie, on Pawsitive Match, we immediately fell in love. She was from a larger litter, and her mom had been flown from Mexico, where she sat laying by a dumpster, very pregnant. Once they arrived in Alberta, the mom had her babies, and soon they all needed homes. Gracie's dad was half border collie and her mom was a black lab, and so the litter was very mixed. But Gracie was a golden lab, small and sweet and scared of people. When we first got her, my sister and I were thrilled, and promised our mom we would clean up after her and love her. We loved her.. Not necessarily doing our fair share of the work though ;). As a puppy she was playful, kind and very cuddly. As she got older, she began to get smarter, learning how to open her kennel and steal food from us, but with some training she easily got over these bad, yet slightly adorable habits. Three years later, she has a new best friend, Sophie, a black lab, who was born on the exact same day and is the same age, and the two are inseparable. Gracie sleeps with me at night, and is my alarm clock in the morning :) She helped our family through bad times, lifted our spirits on a bad day, and is our teddy bear when we just need to cuddle. People rave about how well behaved she is, how sweet and gentle, and she loves others, human or dog. Thanks to Pawsitive match, we have (in my opinion) the worlds best dog.

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - April

Peanut Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

I have never had a dog before due to various reasons in my life from lifestyle to family members with allergies. As spring / summer approached I found myself ready to find a dog companion. I reached out to the Pawsitive Match team looking to adopt a rescued animal, they were great in recommending a few dogs that they currently had in foster homes. The first dog I went to see was Peanut, she greeted me at the door by jumping up on me and licking my face, I was hooked. After talking with the foster family and taking her for a walk it was just a matter of time before I would be taking her home. She constantly surprizes me with her personality coming out by the day as she gets more comfortable, she loves to go for walks/runs, we get out 3 times a day. She is great in the house and meeting new people, as all my friends want to meet her. Peanut has been home for a couple of weeks now and I couldn't be happier, even though my bed has gotten smaller. I look forward to spending time with my little Peanut (she's 70 pounds) and making our own adventures together. Keep up the great work at Pawsitive Match!!!

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - March

Angel Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

We lost our dog, at only 1.5 years of age, after 6 long months fighting a terrible brain illness. Originally, we weren’t even considering adding another dog to our family, but our remaining pup became very depressed and lethargic after Draco passed away. Since he had never been an only dog before, we decided to take a look around and see if we could find Rolo a new canine buddy.

After a lot of searching, we came across Moka’s (formerly Angel) profile on the Pawsitive Match website. Something about the ears spoke to us! We set up a meeting between Rolo and Moka and they hit it off right away. She actually came to our house for the visit, walked right in and took every single bone and toy out of the box and spread it all over our place. We figured she had already made the decision for us!

We had a few bumps along the way, as shortly after her visit, we learned she had a few health issues to overcome, so it delayed the adoption. Pawsitive Match and her foster home were amazing with their help along the way, and keeping us informed about her progress. After a bit of a wait, we welcomed Moka into our home.

Rolo is completely smitten with her (and she gets away with everything – including stealing all the toys!) Our two cats, Rocky and Mojo, are fairly accepting of her, but she’s still learning to not chase after them. She’s discovered the joys of a warm bed and soft couches. She is incredibly food motivated and has now earned the nickname “wiggle bum”. We start obedience classes this month and our hope is to try out some dog sports, such as obedience and agility.

We couldn’t be happier with our new furry family member. She has blended right into our small zoo and it’s feels like we’ve had her forever!

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - February

Hero Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

I was first introduced to Hero when I took him in as a foster. Within a few days, I became quite fond of him and he and my other Pawsitive Match dog, Whiskey (formerly Victor2), became good friends. Initially, I had no intention of keeping him, as I was not interested in adopting a second dog, but fate had its way.

In November 2014, Hero escaped from my parents' yard and went missing for nearly 24 hours. Thanks to a team of Pawsitive Match volunteers, friends, and family, he was found shivering under a deck, several km from home. Shortly after this small miracle, Hero was adopted. A few months later, however, Hero was once again up for adoption and required a foster. I hesitated, but decided to take him in with the belief that it would be short-term and I wouldn't get attached. Long story short, I was wrong. Hero is now here to stay.

Hero’s confidence and trust in people has grown tremendously, and his true high-energy personality has surfaced. He loves going on mini hikes or to the dog park, where he runs around at top speed and pretends he’s one of the bigger dogs. He also likes his down time, lounging on the couch, or snuggling up with Whiskey. Both me and my family (especially my parents, who frequently dog-sit him while I’m out of town) adore Hero and we are proud to call him an official member of the pack.

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - January

Cori Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

We signed up to be dog fosters because we enjoy dogs but were not ready for the commitment of our own pet. We have two young kids who just adore animals. We planned to take on small dogs as that the dog size that I am familiar and comfortable with. Then an urgent request came in for someone to foster Cori. We had a meet and greet and she was pretty intense. I have never seen such a ball of energy before. Having never met a foster dog, I was expecting her to be sad and show evidence of a tough life. But she was just the opposite. She was SO joyful. She ripped through the house and was into everything – paws on the counter, head in the toilet, etc. My husband called her from the other side of the couch and instead of walking around, Cori leaped over, clearing the couch. Wow, I was not sure that I was ready for this. But at my husband’s insistence, we took her in.

Within hours she was a completely different dog. She is still as joyful as ever but with sufficient exercise and stimulation, dare I say she is the perfect dog? I have never met a dog so eager to please. In fact, I didn’t know it was possible for a pet to be so intelligent and obedient. She is protective of her people and very caring. She adjusts her strength accordingly depending on whom she is playing tug-of-war with. She lets my kids win, she fights me a little harder and uses all her strength with my husband. She never touches anything that is not hers. How she knows which balls are hers and which belong to my son, I will never know! The kids can leave delicious snacks out on their kiddie table and Cori won’t go near it. Although one time, the kids left their picnic on the floor and Cori could not resist. She scooped up a chip. My husband busted Cori, who then immediately dropped the chip! Did I say she’s amazing? It is clear that someone has devoted time and energy into training Cori. She will not walk down the stairs in front of you and knows a lot of tricks.

Cori is most content when her whole family is at home. She often goes into the kid’s bedrooms at night to ensure they are in bed. Now if only we can get her to close the door on her way out.

Within a few weeks of fostering, it felt like she had been part of our family forever. We knew we could not let her go! I kept waiting for the true Cori to shine through and the best behavior act to be dropped. But no, she is still just amazing. I am baffled as to why it took so long for her to find a home. Perhaps she was waiting for us?

Cori is into her third month of bi-weekly training for her fear aggression. It is a long journey for her and oh so stressful for her when she encounters other animals. She is showing progress and on a good night, can be within eyesight of another dog and stay focused and calm. She may not ever get to have a fury friend but hopefully she can become comfortable enough to walk within the same vicinity of other animals. It is so wonderful that Pawsitive Match not only rescues so many dogs, but also invests in the dogs happiness and ability to thrive by supporting training.

My husband is Cori's best buddy and follows him everywhere. Her perfect day is some fetch, lots of tug-of-war and a nice long 10km run. Followed by cuddles. Cori gives the best cuddles and is most content when lying directly on my chest. It is not sufficient for her to lie on the blanket at your feet. She will crawl her way right up to my chest. Much like my newborn baby’s did. I guess she really is our third child.

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - December

Chase Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

Our new addition: Chase, previously Caleto.

After a year of searching for the perfect fit, Chase has filled the canine hole in our family. He entered our home and our hearts with lots of love and unlimited cuddles and kisses. His adorable puppy-eyes can turn anyone to mush with just one glance!

Chase has been learning the house rules, but his intelligence shines through as we only have to tell him something once. He doesn't bark, steal food, or get into the garbage or exhibit any other common behaviors of previously stray dogs, I think because of the great job his foster mom Vanesa did while in her care. Thanks Vanesa for all you do.

We still haven't completely gained Chase's trust, nor has he gained ours, but that will just take time and LOTS of love.

Our two daughters, Baily and Jena, absolutely love Chase and he's becoming a willing playmate. He's even made friends with a former PMRF adoptee, Lindi, who lives just across the park. We're still working on his distraction training, specifically with other dogs, but he seems more curious than aggressive.

It took a long time and lots of searching, but we're so happy to have finally found Chase and become his forever family. We look forward to sharing our lives and adventures with him in the future!

Derek, Marnie, Baily, Jena & Chase

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - November

Tata Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

Tata is settling in very nicely and seems to be very happy with us. Her favourite time of day is any time she is being fed! Ha ha she practically jumps up to my face as if to say “Mum is it feeding time yet? Huh?” so very hyper at feeding time. She will rough house with us when she first sees us in the morning and when we come home from work she jumps and wants to play. Since Tata is older and has so many health problems, she doesn’t play for long as she gets tired. She loves to go for short walks when it isn’t too cold out, although she does have a lovely pink coat for those chilly days. She walks very well on a leash but if the walk is too long or it is too cold she prefers to be carried..ha ha...We still have problems with her pooping in the house but it happens less now we are in a good routine. I don’t think she means to, and I think it is just something that happens with her age and her health issues. She really is very gentle when she takes a treat and even tolerates her little brother Freddie. In the first picture she is with Freddie and Miko, who is a gentle husky/shepherd mix who was rescued by my daughter and her boyfriend earlier this year. She only just tolerates Miko as he is quite hyper. We love Tata and it is wonderful to see her jump and play, even if it is short lived. Breaks my heart to think of her life before Pawsitive match stepped in but I do believe at one time she was a very treasured pet who had a home and was loved. She may have had a hard time but she is thriving and loved again now.

Thanks for letting us have her in our home.


PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - October

Luca Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

We first met Luca at the shelter when we visited a puppy we had in mind as a potential foster/adoptee for our Lucy. Although Oreo was very cute and happy, Juli, one of the volunteers encouraged us to give it a try and see how the other dogs are interacting with Lucy. Luca was the last one and his happy, gentle, caring attitude towards our Lucy amazed us all and so we decided to give it a try and foster him instead. Luca also became our foster failure because the longer we had him for the more we wanted him to be ours forever. Despite of the few bumps on our journey together with his fear aggression, we are forever grateful that Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation arranged for us to take classes with a canine behavioral specialist. Our hopes are high even for the occasional squirrels or skateboarders that he seems to dislike with all his might :)

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - September

Humphrey Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

I first took Humphrey in as a foster because I saw how long he had been staying at Cambrian. Humphrey and I "talked" about him coming home with me on one of the volunteer walks and when I put him back in the kennel to leave I saw in his eyes him saying to me "but I thought you said you would take me home with you!" The first night with Humphrey was so easy, he settled right in and didn't make a peep until it was time to get up. The next night I couldn't help but invite him up onto the bed (his manners are so good, he always asks) and he has slept there every night since! Once I began to see what a fantastic dog Humphrey is and how happy we both were I knew it was time to adopt him. He is great on walks (except when it comes to squirrels) and a super smart guy. He loves all his toys and tries to carry around as many as he can at one time. He will play fetch all night if you let him. I am so pleased to be the one to give Humpy his furever home!


PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - August

Cassie Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

After seeing Cassie’s picture on the Pawsitive match website we knew we had to meet her. We weren’t sure how she would do with our small Maltese dog; however our minds were quickly put at ease when right away Cassie allowed Chewy to jump up and lick her mouth. Our Cassie started off nervous and anxious in her new home, however with the help of her little brother Chewy she has quickly become an outgoing member of the family! Cassie now enjoys having visitors and is more than willing to run up to anyone who enters the house with a wagging tail and wiggling bum. We are amazed how much Cassie has grown in her short time with us. She absolutely loves to cuddle and has such a calming effect on all of us. She is the sweetest dog and is loved so dearly by the entire family. She has even done well with children after learning they might be loud at times, but they are willing to pet her for hours on end. She even allows them to take her bone away while she is chewing without a fuss. She has also overcome her car sickness and responds with excitement to the phase “car ride” as she has learned it usually means she gets to go for a hike/swim or over to Grandma and Grandpa’s for a visit (which are her favorite things to do).

We are amazed at how gentle she is with dogs a quarter her size. She loves when they chase her and is always careful not to step on them. She will even lay on her back and allow them to crawl all over her. Cassie’s days are now filled with constant play and cuddles. We are so grateful to have Cassie in our lives as she has really completed our little family! We know she wouldn’t be the dog she is today without the help of her foster parents through Pawsitive Match. We are forever indebted for the hard work and excellent care they provided for her before she found her forever home with us.

Stuart and Daylyn

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - July

Burke Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

Over a year had gone by since our beloved Chihuahua, Chico, had passed away and my husband and I decided it was time to start thinking about bringing a new 4-legged family member into our lives. Having found the Pawsitive Match website and being so impressed with what this amazing group was doing right here in Calgary we took a look at the pictures of the dogs that were needing forever homes. As soon as I saw Burke’s picture I knew there was something very special about him - and after reading his profile I realized that he belonged with us!

Burke’s foster mom was wonderful in giving us all of the background on Burke and being very honest about the challenges that he had. That helped cement the feeling that Pawsitive Match was truly an organization that cared about finding him the right home and not just any one. When she brought him over to meet us for the first time I nearly cried as soon as I saw him as I knew that we had found a very special guy! Burke has a tough-guy exterior that is his defense with people he doesn’t know – but if you’re willing to be patient and gentle with him the reward is the sweetest, most affectionate little bundle of fur and love that you’ll ever see! We owe a great deal of thanks to his foster mom who put months of time and patience in with him when 4 other foster homes had given up on him.

It’s been a month since we brought Burke home and we couldn’t be happier! We like to think that Burke feels the same way too ;) He has beds and toys everywhere and gets so many walks that most evenings he falls asleep curled up in our arms completely tuckered out. He gives us endless kisses, snuggles, and cannot get enough tummy rubs! Every morning starts with tail-wagging excitement and enthusiastic cuddles – it’s certainly not a challenge to get out of bed for that! He also loves and snuggles both my husband and I equally – and sometimes he lets us know that we both have to take him for a walk that particular day not just one of us! It’s pretty funny to watch as he will go running down to the basement mancave to herd daddy upstairs while I’m waiting or tug on my pantleg when I’m in the kitchen instead of with daddy getting his harness on! He definitely has an opinion on what he wants and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are still careful with new people to make sure they know to give Burke time and space to get to know them before they start trying to touch him. But even in the short time that he has been with us he has made huge progress in how much more relaxed he is when people come to visit his house. Knowing the kind of trust that it takes for a dog like Burke makes every moment with him very special – and every moment where he learns to overcome a fear that much more rewarding! We love our little Burke so very, very much – thanks Pawsitive Match for all of the great work that you do!!!

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - June

Lucas Sierra Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

Little Skinner joined our happy family almost a month ago. The first couple days were shaky and he seemed a little uncertain of his new home. Algy quickly helped him to come out of his shell and we all couldn't be happier! Skinner and Algy get along really well and skinner doesn't seem nervous anymore! Thanks Pawsitive match for helping to complete our little family!

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - May

Lucas Sierra Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

Lucas came from Cozumel on Family Day 2013. He arrived very shy and skittish but he has become a true gentleman and he gets to greet customers at Wild About Flowers on Sundays! He loves running top speed at Nose Hill park with his buddies and then sleeping on the sofa afterwards, which is why he is also known as the "sofa king!" Lucas has two speeds: 0 and 100 km/h!

Sierra arrived in March 2014 from Cabo. She now knows sit, come, wait and wait for food, and she's house trained. When we get home her tail and bum wag so hard we get dizzy just watching it. She is still nervous of meeting new dogs but Lucas is helping her gain confidence with new friends. She finds all kinds of treasures at the off leash park that you don't want her to have! She loves to sleep in my husbands arms and shower you with kisses.

We are really happy with our dogs, they are perfect for us with all their imperfections. Sometimes I wonder if they know they are the few lucky ones that have a good home. So Pawsitive Match please do not give up the good work. Without you we would have never met our Mexicans! To adopt a rescue is way better than to buy from a puppy mill and so on. Yes it is work, but the journey is always worth it.

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - April

Keysi Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

I had been working with my wonderful Adoptions Processor for several weeks when I got an email alerting me to a little poodle-maltese mix who had been found in Cozumel, Mexico. The photo I first saw of Keysi broke my heart - she looked so sad. I was also told that she had terrible injuries from her prior "owners", but that she was recovering well. Although I was nervous about taking on a dog with health issues, as well as emotional issues, the image of Keysi never left my mind. Two weeks later, her caretakers in Cozumel sent me a couple of videos of her - seeing her playing with toys, interacting with people, and healing well from her injuries provided me with a lot of encouragement. Keysi clearly had the ability to overcome her past, and all she needed was some help and security from her person to do so. I knew right away that I could be her person and began the wait for her arrival with a lot of excitement. I couldn't wait to meet her!

Keysi has now been with me for three weeks and things are going incredibly well, particularly given her individual set of challenges stemming from her past. Keysi has bonded really well with me (and I with her!) and takes on whatever comes her way with glee. She didn't even mind the snow we had for the first two weeks she was here! I really appreciated being in constant contact with my Adoptions Processor as well as other members of the PMRF team all along the journey. They provided a lot of support and advice, as well as reassurance. PMRF also covered Keysi's first training session, which was great - I really appreciate having a better understanding of how to work around Keysi's history and how I can help her to become the happy and secure dog she is capable of being.

Keysi is already such an incredible addition to my life and it feels like she has been with me for far longer than three weeks! I am so grateful to PMRF for bringing her into my life and for all of their support and advice along the way.


PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - March

Charlie Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

Charlie (Yoda) has settled in and integrated into his new surrounding and family. His new little friend (Maddie) idolizes him and together they enjoy many hours of playing and games that only they seem to understand. Together, they are a constant matter of joy to Anna-Marie and me. Charlie reluctantly will venture outside when it’s cold and it’s quite humorous watching him doing his business standing on only two legs. Apparently his earlier life in Southern California left him ill prepared for Alberta’s winters.

When he first joined us he was territorial and disinclined to share his toys but this has all changed as he now regards us as his people and family.

He’s definitely not a morning person and will quickly let you know that he’s not ready to embrace the day. Once up, his personality and playfulness with Maddie certainly brightens ours.

He joins us when we are watching TV or reading and cuddles close to Anna-Marie or myself and loves it when we pet or scratch while he sits quietly. Should we stop scratching him, he will quickly let us know that we’re not done!

He’s a wonderful little guy that in his own way wiggled his way into our hearts. It seems he’s been part of our family forever and we cannot imagine not having him here to share his and our lives together. Thank you so much for this amazing gift and for the incredible work that you do for those that can’t speak for themselves.

Anna-Marie & Scott

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - February

Adora Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

Everything is going beautifully with Adora and we absolutely love her. I think each day she is feeling more and more at home and learning the routines of the house. She has such a good temperament and is so gentle and sweet. We are very blessed to have her in our lives. I can't imagine why she wasn't snapped up right away. She is a bit older and that's great for us, often the older dogs are so well-behaved and more our speed, though she still has a ton of energy. We did change her name a bit, to Dorie, but it's close to her original name, so she picked it up right away.

She has also turned out to be a wonderful watchdog, letting us know if someone is approaching or if she hears unusual noises outside. This is great because when we first got her, I did not think she had that "wiring" so it's a plus for me, especially if my hubby goes out-of-town. We also got her a wag tag from the link on your site. Those things are great.

One of the things I like to do is give Dorie a bowl of homemade bone broth every day with her meal. She just loves this. About 3 times I had fed her without adding the broth and each time, after she ate, she would gently whine to let me know something was missing. I'm pretty good at speaking dog so I gave her some broth and all was well after that. The last time this happened, she was standing next to where the broth was on the counter and looked up at it. You can't communicate any better than that. She's been enjoying a raw diet and is thriving. The bone broth also helps to keep her joints mobile and her digestion at its peak, since it's full of natural gelatine. She has perfect manners at mealtime too, and waits until I give the okay.

We bought her a new dog bed called the "double donut". We had lots of big dog beds around from our other dogs (now in heaven) but wanted her to have her own. We noticed that she liked to sleep in a little circle so got her a bed with edges, just like a donut. She really loves it and is so good about going to bed at night. Quite often, she will also go for a nap during the day. In the morning, she gets her belly rubbed and we make sure that she has a blanket over her at night, since we like to sleep with the temperature a bit on the cool side (hot flashes, you know). A big bonus is that she sleeps in longer than we do. Gotta love that.

One of her favorite things to do is stare out the window. I know she is looking for squirrels, rabbits, dogs, and the like, going by. She has a pretty good prey drive and had been reacting quite a bit to dogs and such at the window. We had the pleasure of meeting Tina, a wonderful dog trainer, sent by Pawsitive Match, for a session to help Dorie deal with issues with overreacting to other dogs and such. This was very helpful and now we know what to do in these situations to take her mind off the situation. She is getting better with this every day. We also learned from Tina that it probably wasn't a great idea to leave her alone at the window unless we were in the room. Now, we find that she chooses to be with us rather than always staring out the window and we're very happy about that. We have learned that, as well as daily walks, dogs also need play time with toys and other fun things. This is a great way to bond. We also learned from Tina the importance of a game of tug. I just bought a book called "Brain Games for Dogs" and we'll be cracking that open soon.

I've had the luxury of being home with her for the last month and we've had a lot of fun. We started playing hide and seek and she really has enjoys that. I've never played it before but she picked it up on the first time. We hang out a lot together and I'll sit and read and she's usually right beside me. She is so very smart and knows a bunch of tricks and commands. I taught her to open the dog gate from the kitchen to the dining room. She learned it in about 2 tries. We also have a dog door and she learned that just as quickly, but it's only open when we are home and when the weather is good. I also have a small table light that goes on by touch, and she turns it on and off. She is amazing.

When Barry gets home from work every day, she meets him at the door because she knows that it's time for her walk. The last few days it's been way too cold, even with her coat on, and she looks at you with those big browns and you feel so bad, but you just can't do it. Little paws freeze quickly in this nasty cold. So, we play other games inside instead. She's such a little goof.

What We learned the most from this process is that when you adopt a dog, it takes them a while to figure things out and it's best not to overreact if your new dog does something different than your other dogs did. Give them a chance and be patient. They are doing their best, and it's so worth it in the end.

I can't imagine not having her in our lives. We're so thankful she found and rescued us. Pawsitive Match has been just wonderful to deal with. Attached are some pictures, some are hard to see due to lighting.

Thanks for touching base.

Heather & Barry Walsh

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - January

Rudee Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

HI! I came from Nunavut - no family, no home and a broken leg. A citizen tried to help me but it wasn’t enough. Thanks to Pawsitive Match, I moved to the City of Calgary after being with several wonderful fosters. After attending the Halloween fundraiser, a couple fell in love with my gentle soul. They took me in and helped me fix my leg through the financial support of Pawsitive Match. After nine months, I am now able to have long walks in the mountains, even though I prefer to chase bunnies or deer. In addition, I love to play with my German Shepherd cousins until I am very tired. I love my new home, my owners, and my name. My name is Rudee (a.k.a. Rudeer).

Rudee came into our lives just over an year ago. Being that Christmas was around the corner, we thought of Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer because she has adorable big ears, hops like a deer and has a very shiny nose. Rudee, if you ever saw her, will go down in our history.

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - December

Kringle Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

It has been amazing to watch this once stray dog, who never knew love, become such a big part of this family and to learn what love truly means. Kringle in the past year has grown in such great strides. Once a scared, shy, introvert of a dog, he is now the class clown, a cuddle bum, and the most loving boy ever. He has learned so much and believe it or not does great off leash with his momma at the dog park. He touched the hearts of many when almost a year ago, took off from a volunteer of Pawitive Match, through out the north part of the city for a week, in the freezing cold. With countless hours, many volunteers, and media coverage on the Search for Kringle, we were finally to breath a sigh of relief, we got him Dec 23, 2013!! I was fortunate to be a part of his search, spending late nights driving around, tromping through the snow. All the while falling more and more in love with this dog I hadn't even met. I wouldn't change it for the world.

Kringle had so many people involved in the search for him and wanted to continue to hear on his progress, that we actually had to create a Facebook page called Kringle the Christmas Dog. There we continue to share photos, videos and updates of his progress.

I can not wait to celebrate his first Birthday with us, all his furry brothers and sisters. We are so blessed to have this lovely boy be a part of this family! We love you Kringle.

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - November

Athena and Ripley Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

He is still called Luis, although we mostly call him Lou or Lou Lou (Lucifer when he misbehaves) He is doing really well. The adoption papers say he is 2 years old, but I am 99% sure he is still far under a year old. He completely does everything puppy-like, like chewing when bored and tired, sucking on toys before bed, and the way he interacts with my two other dogs. We are totally fine with it, it was just a surprise when we took him home and saw how he behaved. My other two dogs love him. They are mostly dominant over him and will rage on him a little when he plays too hard or trys to be the Alpha. He is great with new people coming into our house, he loves licking toes. He's very protective of us if he sees a strange dog out and about, but that may be a Chihuahua thing. He is young and I know he will be a wonderful dog once he matures a little!!

His favorite things are chasing Auggy and Mia (his brother and sister), catching bugs, digging in the garden, sitting for treats, chewing on stuff, giving kisses, and cuddling under blankets. I've got a bunch of photos here as well. He is so ridiculously silly and we love him. He's definitely a great addition to the family!!

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - October

Athena and Ripley Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

Shortly after this bonded pair of seniors came to us as fosters, we decided we just couldn't let them go. It always amazes me that puppies are so popular and seniors often overlooked. In general, seniors have some form of basic training, are well past the chewing phase, require only moderate exercise and often lead healthy happy lives right up until their passing. These two have settled into our home beautifully. They love their off leash walks and are good natured and affectionate with everyone. We feel privileged to be able to give them the attention, love and dignity they deserve in their senior years. They have enriched our lives with their peaceful presence and we couldn't be happier.

The Devenny Family

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - September

Steve Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada

I had been looking at Steve's picture on the Pawsitive Match website for a few months before I decided that we needed to meet him. We have one dog and a very busy life with lots of travel but we love dogs so I believed that little Steve could fit in. We met him, my kids fell in love and we took him home. From the moment he got in our vehicle it was meant to be. We had a special feeling about Steve being part of our family and we were right. He was a bit timid but that was gone by the second day. Now wherever I go I have a little guy laying by my feet. Such a doll! Thank you Pawsitive Match volunteers for the love and care and hope.

The Hryniuks.

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - August

Buster Rescue Dog Calgary Alberta Canada


We have had Buster with us now for only a week and a half and each moment has been absolutely wonderful! Buster settled into his new furrever home like he has been here for years. He was a little unsure about his new digs the first two days but he has become completely comfortable here.

Buster loves to go for walks and he is familiar with his neighbourhood already. He does pull at first but with some reinforcement he calms down. He also likes to show the other dogs who’s boss, but with corrective actions he adjusts his behaviour straight away. Buster loves to play with his toys, plays fetch and brings it right back to you. He watches the planes go over the house and barks at them as if they are huge birds! He loves to be groomed and will let you brush him all day if you have the time. He has been absolutely perfect in the house when alone and we have had no issues with him at all.

Buster is the perfect match for us by far – he has brought us so much joy and we look forward to a long and happy life with him.

We send out a great big thank you to Buster’s Foster Mom for her great job in keeping him since his arrival to Canada, and all the people at PawsitiveMatch for their hard work and dedication in helping our furry friends in need.

PAWSITIVE TAIL of the Month - July

This has been a very successful month for Pawsitive Match - After being in foster care for anywhere between 6 months to 1.5 years, these five long term fosters have finally found amazing furever homes. Martha,Sasha, Brandy, Sammy, and Khaleesi have all been adopted!!

Long Term foster dogs adopted Calgary Alberta Canada

Martha has lived with us for three weeks now, and it is amazing to watch the changes in her every day. She is still wary of new people and situations, but she is also too curious to let life go by without checking it out! She has progressed from hiding in her kennel to using furniture as cover to sprawling in the middle of the living room with our other dog Kipper and our two cats. Martha and Kipper are inseparable, which is exactly what we were hoping for. Martha goes for a long walk every evening now, because she wants to hang out with Kip, her new BFF. The two of them wrestle for hours on end in the back yard, and for a shy dog, Martha is a master at play - she can toss a ball, throw her weasel toy in the air, and play with Kip all at the same time. Martha is also learning the sit and down commands, and has proven to be a very smart girl. She is really working hard at trusting humans again, and has made a lot of gains. She rewarded me with a wagging tail at suppertime last night – what a breakthrough! We are so grateful to Positive Match for seeing the potential in a shy girl like Martha, and to her foster home for keeping her safe until she came to us!

Sasha is doing great. she is a big cuddler. loves her tennis ball ajd going for walks. lots of energy. she always greets me at the door when I get home. she jumps into my lap as soon as I sit down. sleps with me every night.

Sam, or The General, as he is know around our house has settled in beautifully. He arrived a little nippy, barky and scared and has quickly become accustomed to his new home. In fact , he seems to be very receptive to gently reminders not to bark, nip or be quite so territorial. He is learning to play as an alternative to barking. Each morning, after a restful night or stealing most of the bed he likes to get a belly rub, a lick and then sit and have breakfast with us at our dinette. We love having him at home, and he and our other dog, Holly have joined forces in an campaign best titled: 'Feed us, we all sing for our supper!'

Khaleesi shows respect for Buster and no signs of aggression or possession issues of toys, food or anything else. If her toy is close to him, she will either leave it, or cautiously take it. If he shakes his head, she sometimes jumps back, (probably afraid of the drool). She observes and accepts the fact that we pay attention to Buster first. This is important in order for her to understand her position in our 'pack'. Khaleesi does occasionally share our couch and bed with us, however, she is only allowed up when invited and has no problem getting off and sleeping in her open crate. She accepts order and is rewarded for it. We always watch for the reaction of both dogs when paying attention to either one, however both dogs are adapting well.

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