Volunteer for PMRF

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart. ~Elizabeth Andrew

Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month - Lisa Smith

I began volunteering with PM in 2012. I "lost custody" of my two dogs through divorce, so I decided to volunteer during my new found spare time. During my very first shift at Cambrian, a transport of at least 15 dogs had arrived from California. It was complete chaos and so much fun to cuddle so many dogs in two hours.

As I continued to volunteer, I would see lots of dogs come and go quickly and others would still be there shift after shift. That's when I met Humphrey. To be honest Humphrey wasn't love at first sight. Humphrey knew how to get the other dogs at Cambrian upset and barking, and when you took him for a walk, he was definitely in charge. Humphrey had been at Cambrian for quite some time and whether or not he was the dog for me didn't matter, I was now in a position to foster so I felt the least I could do was to apply to foster Humphrey. I just knew he couldn't spend any more time in that kennel.

The moment he walked through my front door, he became a completely different dog. He was respectful, well trained and no longer a bully. I couldn't believe this was the same dog. Well, it was only a week or two before I told Humphrey "Yep, this is your forever home!" I knew he had been waiting too long for a foster or an adopter and I didn't want him to ever have to move to another new home again.

I continue to volunteer at Almost Home and temp foster. About a year ago, I took on coordinating training for new volunteers at Almost Home. It's quite possible I could be a lifelong volunteer at PM. Every time I walk into Almost Home I can't wait to see what dogs are there and spend time with them. I really enjoy working with the shy or more difficult to handle dogs.

Pawsitive Match is 100% volunteer based and therefore we rely on our volunteers to operate. We greatly appreciate any and all of the help we receive.

You can help by volunteering your time and energy with us by fostering a dog, fundraising, advertising, training, grooming, transporting, helping out the adoption and foster committees, or whatever else your talent may be. We always need the help of people who can help bake, sew and build.

Rescue Volunteer

WestJet Volunteers

We can always use help from WestJet employees to transport dogs from Los Angeles and various other locations. We would also be grateful for any buddy passes donated. If you are able to help, please send us an email.

Flight Escorts

We are always looking for flight escorts flying with Westjet, Air Transat or Alaska Airlines to help dogs get to (or across) Canada to begin their new lives. By escorting a dog, you're not only saving that precious life, but the one who can be saved because of the freed up space at the shelter! Visit our Flight Escort page for more info.

Apply to Volunteer

For more information on the positions currently available or general volunteering questions, please contact the Volunteer Team at volunteer@pawsitivematch.org. If you've made the decision to volunteer with us, great! Please fill out and submit the application below or download an application and email it to volunteerapps@pawsitivematch.org.

Listed below are the main groups within Pawsitive Match. Volunteers are always needed to care for the dogs at our temporary holding facility (Cambrian), foster, transport or help out at events. You do not necessarily need to commit to fulfill a full position and all of the duties required, and there may be more than one person assigned to each position.

  • Adoption Committee
    • review of adoption applications
    • communication with potential applicants
    • coordinating meet & greets
    • reference checks
    • home visits
  • Foster Committee
    • review of foster applications
    • communication with potential foster homes
    • home visits
    • follow ups
  • Medical Committee
    • medical requisitions for vet visits
    • pet insurance administration
    • keep track of incoming medical records
    • ensure dogs receive required medical attention
  • Shelter Committee
    • help care for dogs currently being housed at the Almost Home shelter (NE Calgary off 32nd Ave)
    • walk, feed, water & play with dogs
    • daily shifts available are: 8am, 12pm (noon), 7pm
  • Cat Cuddlers
    • cuddle our adorable cats who are up for adoption at Petsmart in South Trail crossing
  • Volunteer Committee
    • communicate with all new volunteer applications
    • maintain volunteer spreadsheet (input volunteer info etc..)
    • communicate with volunteers when various committees request a certain need
  • Supplies/Donations Committee
    • work with Supplies & Donations Coordinator to keep track of supplies in foster homes
    • possibly store some supplies
    • help with pick up or drop off of supplies
    • request donations when needed
  • Transport Committee
    • vet trips if foster cannot take a dog
    • donation pick ups
    • transport dogs to events
    • airport runs
    • transport dogs & supplies to/from Edmonton
  • Marketing Committee
    • online advertising of events, dogs available for adoption
    • creating and distributing posters
    • event help (set up, organize, marketing)
  • Overnight and Emergency Fosters (short term only)
    • provide temporary care of dogs/puppies upon arrival into our rescue